Choroid Plexus International Research Project

The CHOROIRP International Research Project focuses on the study of age-related biological changes in the brain. The central assumption is that the brain’s choroid plexus plays an essential role in this process as a sensor, integrator and actor of the influence of a specific genotype. The project explores these three functions and investigates how anti-aging nutritional strategies can affect the choroid plexus.

Two laboratories, one in France and the other in Canada, are collaborating on this research. The overall aim is to build an integrative model of choroid plexus regulation during aging, looking at its effects, epigenetic regulation, and response to nutritional interventions. This project is part of the emerging field of nutritional neurology, under the umbrella of health ecology, a field that explores the impact of various factors, including nutrition and the environment, on complex pathologies such as Alzheimer’s disease.


  • Fabien PIFFERI, France
  • Mélanie PLOURDE, Canada


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